Page last updated on 10 January 2019

This web page is posted online to provide an email link for contact with me, Bryan Benn, whilst I work on and eventually publish my book, 'Short-eared Owls, an extensive study of Short-eared Owls in Britain'.

The page is also being used to give a preview of parts of that book that have already been completed.

EMAIL CONTACT for Kent Yeti, also known as Bryan Benn!

I now have an almost complete draft book which is going through sub-edit, design and copy edit. It is around 400 pages in a little under A4 size; Crown Quarto, 189 mm x 246 mm portrait style. It currently comprises 110,000 words and includes 338 photos: including 53 full page size and 13 double width across two pages. It also includes 30 tables, nine diagrams, seven charts and five maps.

I expect to sell it at around 30 per copy; that price will represent about one third, or less, of the full cost per book. My study throughout Britain over close to eight years (so far), and over 7,800 hours in the field (of which more than 2,900 hours are meaningful observations of the owls), has always been undertaken with the overriding priority of giving the fullest possible coverage to these wonderful owls.

It has 11 chapters, four appendices and the only area still to be done; the index, which cannot be completed until I have drawn a line under any more updating. I have a life long hate of extensive appendices, so in my book a lot of tabular information is in the body of the book alongside the relevant photos and text. The four actual appendices are limited to naming the locations I have been to in Britain (65 so far); how I have worked in my study to eliminate any distubance to the owls in my watching and photography; those who have helped me in this study; and, finally, a list of books, documents and published studies that I have referred to.

Currently seven chapters have been through edit and design, and the eighth is almost done. I hope to have the book ready for printing by late autumn/early winter 2019, which could see me publish it by the end of 2019.

For distribution of the book when published, I have a provisional agreement with a fairly well known, relevant conservation organisation, for them to be the main distributor. Some copies may also be available locally via organisations who have assisted in my study.

As planned, my study of Short-eared Owls continues, and I will continue to update the draft book until it is almost due for a final edit before printing. And I fully intend to continue my study after it is published.

Bryan Benn, (aka Kentyeti Cantium Gigantanthropus), 28 December 2018.

Copyright of the entire content of this web site, including the photos and book content reproduced below, belongs to Bryan Benn. To reinforce that, the copyright notice already inside the front of the book is reproduced below. That applies equally here to all the book content reproduced below.

Photo of book copyright

Below are some screen grabs of parts of the book already designed. All are very low resolution copies, and some are due to have minor changes made to them.

First, is the latest suggestion for a front cover.

Photo of suggested front cover

And now very low resolution copies of the first two pages of the frontpiece and some of the early chapters. The pages, which are of course all the same width in the draft book, and all the same width when I upload copies to my hosting company server, are showing at different widths below!

Photo of first two pages of the Frontpiece

Photo of first two pages of Description chapter

Photo of first two pages of Location and Movement chapter

Photo of first two pages of Habitat chapter

Photo of first two pages of Hearing chapter

Photo of first two pages of Vision chapter

Photo of first two pages of Voice chapter