Sadly I had suspended the entire web site following unauthorised downloading of my images, and in at least one instance the subsequent use online with copyright being claimed by the downloader! I like sharing my photos with others but with my Owl book in preparation I cannot tolerate online copyright abuse of any photos that may be included in that book as I do not want to spend resources etc on any resulting disputes.

I have also had concerns in the past about the use some of the information I have posted might have been put to. Including unlicensed individuals approaching Schedule 1 bird nesting sites that I had photographed only from authorised public viewing places some distance away.

I am today re posting my Avocet page, and have tried to make the page so that it won't get picked up by Internet Search Engines.

Bryan Benn, (aka Kentyeti Cantium Gigantanthropus), July 2013.

Copyright of the entire content of belongs to Bryan Benn

Story of an Avocet family on Oare Marshes in 2011

2 April 2017 - COMING SOON: Outline details of Bryan Benn's Short-eared Owl book, which is progressing very well, but not due for publication for around two years yet.

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